What you need to know about Newcastle


Which Enclosure should I choose?

Newcastle Racecourse has two Enclosures on a Raceday, the Premier Enclosure and the Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure. The Premier Enclosure has the prime viewing position on the racecourse on the winning line and the most comprehensive facilities. You have access to the Parade Ring, Winners' Enclosure, Brandling House and the Colonel Porter Stand. You can also dine in the Gosforth Park Suite Restaurant (advance booking is strongly recommended) and enjoy a drink on the Premier Lawn.

The Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure is the slightly bigger enclosure and has excellent facilities and viewing areas. Ideal for families and groups you have access to the main Grandstand and seating area, extensive bar and betting facilities as well as the Family Food Hall. You can also access the Parade Ring, Winners' Enclosure and the picnic area.

How do I book tickets?

Tickets and admission packages can either be booked online or by calling the Racecourse Office 0191 236 2020. Although it is not compulsory to book in advance, we do recommend it.

Advance bookings are all subject to a £2.50 booking fee per booking (not per person) online or on the phone

What discounts do you offer to groups?

Horseracing is the prefect event to enjoy with family and friends, and group booking discounts are offered to parties of 10 or more (excludes festival racemeetings).

Coach drivers are admitted free of charge on production of valid ID.

Are there any discounts for students, seniors or people with disabilities?

We offer a concessionary discount of £4 off the gate price for both Premier and Grandstand & Paddock Enclosures to Students, Senior Citizens and Disabled customers. Our concessionary price is available to Students and Senior Citizens with ID on the day of the fixture only. Seniors Citizens are classified as over 60 for both men and women. Registered carers of a disabled customer will get free admission upon production of valid registered carer status.

Is Newcastle Racecourse suitable for children and families?

Children under 18 are admitted free of charge to race meetings when accompanied by a paying adult, proof of age may be requested. We provide a variety of entertainment and attractions to appeal to all ages - from live music to jugglers and face painting to fairground rides on family days. Parent and baby changing rooms are provided in both enclosures in the Racecourse.

*The exception is when racing is combined with a music night and an advertised children's ticket charge applies. See individual fixture for details.

Are there facilities for people with disabilities?

Newcastle Racecourse aims to provide an accessible environment for all our racegoers, particularly those with disabilities. We provide disabled parking spaces and ramped access to each public Enclosure. Disabled toilets are available in both the Premier and Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure.

Is there a dress code?

The Premier Enclosure allows access to all public areas of the racecourse. The official dress code is collared shirts, no polo shirts, dress trousers and shoes (smart denim is acceptable). We do not allow ripped jeans, sportswear or trainers. Ladies dress is smart.

The Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure provides restricted access to public areas of the course. There is no dress code in this enclosure, however the removal of shirts is not permitted. Fancy dress is also allowed, as long as it's decent and would not cause offence to other racegoers.

Both enclosures include bar, food and betting facilities as well as superb racecourse views.

Can I bring my dog to the Racecourse?

With the exception of Guide Dogs of the Blind, dogs are only permitted in the main car park and must be kept on leads and secured to the vehicle at all times.

Can I bring a picnic?

Picnics are allowed in our designated picnic areas only. Picnic furniture is acceptable in this area with the exception of gazebo’s and windbreakers. Strictly no alcohol or soft drinks allowed.

Do I have to pay for parking?

No, all car parking is free of charge.

Can I transfer between Enclosures?

You can upgrade your Grandstand & Paddock ticket to gain access to the Premier Enclosure on the day of racing at the racecourse office or at the front of Brandling House. For price details, you can enquire beforehand or on the day. Please note the dress code in the Premier Enclosure before upgrading.

Where can I get food and drink?

Both Enclosures have a wide range of catering facilities and bars offering a variety of hot and cold food including burgers, fish and chips, hot dogs, curries, hog roast, sandwiches, snacks, cakes and beverages.

Within the premier enclosure the Gosforth Park Suite Restaurant serves a superb three course meal from just £80 which includes, hospitality admission ticket, a racecard, 3-course lunch, waitress bar service, Tote courier service and reserved seating. For information on our hospitality packages call the Hospitality Team on 0191 236 2020.

Is there a cash machine at the Racecourse?

There is a cash machine located on the Ground Floor of Brandling House. Please note there is a transaction fee when you use this cash machine.

Is there seating available?

Limited seating is available in both enclosures and in all bar areas.

Does the weather affect the Racing?

The weather is probably the single most important factor as to whether a horse meeting goes ahead or not. Weeks, days, and even hours before, owners, jockeys, and course clerks are keeping an eye on the forecast and the ground to see whether the race will carry on, and which horses will run in it.

Even in bad weather conditions, including snow or pouring rain, races can still go ahead. With the exception of fog, the general concept is to look at the effect on the ground, and how dangerous this could be for the horses and jockeys.

The two main factors which will cancel a race are fog and frost. As the jockey goes over a jump he must be able to see the next fence in front. If the fog is too thick for that, the race will be called off. Likewise if there is too much frost, which doesn't look like it will clear, the course will be deemed too dangerous for the horses and riders.

Occasionally elements such as wind and sun can have an impact on horse racing as well. Strong winds during a jump race could be dangerous for the riders. As they go to jump a fence the winds could push the horses off balance, and the results could be pretty horrendous. Equally, the angle of the sun could affect the riders and their horses. If it's so severe that it will shine right into their eyes and they won't be able to see, it could be necessary to omit a fence from the course.

An owner will start to plan where they want their horses to run months ahead, especially when preparing for the big events. For the majority of races though, preparations are made about two to three weeks before an event.

About a week before the race the course officials give the current conditions of the course and the forecast for the days running up to it. A couple of days afterwards, the official entries are put in by owners. From this point onwards they will be in touch with the clerk of the course for the exact details of the ground and information about the weather they are likely to face on race day.

When the day of the race arrives, the clerk is kept busy ensuring the ground is suitable for the race to go ahead with the best conditions. They measure the amount of water in the ground, either with a penatrometer (which takes a scientific measurement of the overall course conditions), or in the old fashioned way of inserting a stick into the ground, and seeing how soft the ground is. If there's been a lot of water on the course it can be very difficult to soak up immediately prior to the event. If the opposite is the case, and the ground is particularly hard, decisions need to be made as to whether to water the course, how much water to add. The Stewards would also be on hand, and it is there job to make the final decision as to whether the race can be run. They use their personal judgment of the conditions they see, to decide whether it is safe for the race to be run.

Different courses present different conditions, and different weather affects the overall state of these grounds. The harder the ground, the faster the race is generally run, and the softer the ground, the slower the race would be. Clerks ideally aim for something between these conditions - called good to firm in racing terms. This would enable a fairly fast race, but the state of the course would mean the safety of the jockeys and horses wouldn't be compromised.

The only things the riders really do in particular weather conditions to protect themselves from the weather, would be to wear waterproof clothing and gloves - to keep out the rain and cold. They also wear goggles to keep the splash out of their eyes. However, if it's quite wet, or there's a lot of mud being splashed from horses in front, the goggles may be worthless as they get covered in dirt.

Horse owners often train their horses on all-weather surfaces, so the weather can't affect their training programme. Three out of the 59 courses in England are created like this. There have been calls for more courses to be like this so the weather won't stop events going ahead, however most owners and riders say this would make racing a lot more boring because all the courses would be the same. In the USA a lot of their courses are of this nature, but the class of racing is somewhat lower.

How much does it cost?

With prices starting from as little as £13 per person racing offers tremendous value for money.

Advance bookings are all subject to a £2.50 booking fee per booking (not per person) online or on the phone

How do I become an Annual Member

Details can be found on our annual membership page, click here

When does your season start/finish?

Newcastle Racecourse doesn't have a season as such as we race all year round, spanning both the Flat and National Hunt Seasons.

What happens when you're not racing

With over 60 meetings each year when we're not racing we're still busy! We regularly hold conferences, seminars, exhibition, public events, weddings, concerts and dinners.

Where should we stay?

Newcastle Racecourse has strong links with local hotels and can often get preferential rates. Please call the office to ask for details.

How do i bet?

The BHB website offers a superb betting guide to tell you all you need to know to back a few winners.


What is your abandonment & refund policy?

Refunds or exchanges cannot be given for tickets already purchased prior to a race meeting.

Very occasionally a race meeting may have to be abandoned because of extreme weather. This is rare and racing can take place under most conditions.

If the meeting is abandoned before the first race, a full refund will be made. If the meeting is abandoned after the first race but before the third, a 50% refund will be made. If the meeting is abandoned after the third race, no refund will be made.

Please note: Admissions Packages where the vouchers have been redeemed, for food and drink, will be subject to charges and also Hospitality where food has been consumed.

If a refund is needed due to abandonment please call the Racecourse Office and speak to our Admissions Team on 0191 236 2020.

Photography at the racecourse

At all meetings we ask you to ensure that no flash photography takes place near the horses. Otherwise you are welcome to take photographs for personal non-commercial use only. During live music and entertainment, the artists' management retain all image rights. Any photographer that is felt to be impeding or contravening these rights without accreditation and prior written consent will be requested to leave and escorted from the premises. You cannot take images for commercial purposes without prior permission from the racecourse office and provision of press accreditation.

Note: Professional filming and photography takes place here at Newcastle for various publications and broadcasting and race goers (including families) consent to being filmed, photographed and otherwise recorded by Newcastle Racecourse or any third party authorised by Newcastle Racecourse. You grant Newcastle Racecourse and any third party authorised by Newcastle Racecourse the right to broadcast, publish, licence and use any photographs, film, recordings or images of you without payment or other compensation in any promotional literature produced by Newcastle Racecourse. Full copies of our Terms & Conditions are available upon request.

Can I use a laptop, tablet or similar computing device on the racecourse?

Laptop computers are not allowed into the public areas of the racecourse, irrespective of their intended use. Notebooks, ipads and mobile phones are permitted but no device is to be used for the capture of horse racing video or for communication with anyone outside the racecourse for the purpose of or in connection with any betting. Still photography is permitted but for personal use only. You will be politely asked to remove the device or leave the racecourse should you breach these conditions.

Can I record racing images or sound?

You are not permitted to record either directly, or via a TV screen, any images or commentary of any racing, even if it is for personal use.

Live music fixtures at Newcastle Racecourse

All music fixtures are priced individually. When children's prices are advertised, children accompanying parents will be charged £10 for admission to our music events to a maximum of 3 per adult. Anyone with an under 18 ticket will be asked for ID on the evening.

Stage Position Information

The position of the stage is usually on the Grandstand and Paddock Lawns on the main grandstand side. It is sited at approximately the one furlong mark, some 20 metres from the track, facing parallel to the direction of running. The elevation of the Premier and Grandstand & Paddock stands offers a view over the stage and the angle permits viewing from the Premier Lawns. We will make good use of the giant screens for both racing and concert viewing. Please note there are no reserved positions. The price of admission reflects the wider facilities provided for the duration of the raceday and does not reflect a reserved position nor preferential view of the stage.

For further information please call 0191 236 2020 or email info@newcastle-racecourse.co.uk

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